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“It is just continuing without any comment or expression of concern but for the women it causes concern and they are suffering.“But these are very closed communities and it is very hard to ascertain the exact extent to which this is happening. find great pressure not to speak out and bring shame on the community.” Lady Cox last year tabled a private member’s bill to regulate unofficial sharia courts which she said compound the pressure on women in some communities.A new study of the lives of Muslim women concludes that large numbers are being denied basic legal rights by being trapped in religiously sanctioned “marriages” which are not recognised in British law.Aurat, a Muslim women’s rights group based in the West Midlands, interviewed a sample of 50 women about their personal situations.The news comes as the Westminster Government launched a consultation on whether marriage should be redefined.

Rock Chat is the best place to find friendship online, indulge in dating on your mobile phone, have a free chat in chatrooms and rock with friends from around the world on your internet enabled device.Overall two thirds of those who identified as being “married” said that their husband had more than one wife and some had as many as four "wives" But in some cases the women had not initially been aware of other wives, who live in separate houses.One 32-year-old woman, given the name Ezzah in the report - although not her real name - told the researchers: “I found out afterwards that he had three more wives and he is still married to them. I live in his house that he bought but I claim benefits on it to pay his mortgage.” Another, called “Asifa”, now aged 47, told how she had attempted to divorce her husband only to discover she was not properly married.Nine in 10 of the women described themselves as married but only one in 10 were in marriages recognised under English law having been formalised through a civil wedding or a ceremony in a Mosque registered for the purpose.Many of the others had undergone a “Nikah” or marriage ceremony in their own home, often unaware that it lacked legal recognition.This is a major issue.” Women in polygamous “marriages” are not recognised as wives under British law and if and when the relationship sours – which is common – the woman is left with no legal claim to her investment in the household.